DVD instruction

Watch Ev painting a landscape in the forest and a full sheet watercolour of roses. Listen as she clearly explains the process. A remarkable DVD.

People often learn most by watching what artists do – how they hold the chosen brush, how the brush is loaded with pigment, what pigments are used and why – and all of that is just the technical aspect. There is the other side of the problem the subjects chosen and the different characteristics of each one.

Ev clearly explains what she does as she paints. More importantly she explains Why.  many videos have an accompanying musical feature that does not let the artist talk while they are working.  In Ev’s full length DVD’s and downloads she explains as she works, giving you a unique insight into the problems and at least one possible solution.

Thus far she has produce  2 full length  demonstrations and more are in the editing.   One is a 3 hr  DVD “Painting Roses 1.”  the other an hour download file of “Forest Mood” capturing the light through the forest.  You will also  find  extensions to the You Tube ( eg  Episode 1 Evening Light Rottnest Island) demonstrations as downloads from the  link.

Check out all  options by browsing the site  at the link .

Check out “Painting Roses 1”

“Forest Mood”