You Tube is wonderful

You Tube brings artists together from all over the world. Watch Ev, in your own home, as she shares what she paints and how she does it.

Ev  has embraced the opportunities that You Tube has created to link with other artists across the world. We are so lucky to be able to show others what and more importantly HOW we do things.  This ease of sharing is such a new way of communication and reaches so many people so effortlessly.

Ev has published more than 20 You Tube clips  that give a very quick glimpse into  how she paints and what her teaching style is like. These are snap shot demonstrations that just take a few minutes to watch.

Sample the offerings by linking to her

Painting in Port Fairy

Paint en plein air at Port Fairy with Ev Hales, as your tutor, guiding you through a variety of watercolour techniques.

Painting en plein air is the best place to extend your understanding of the world and your painting skills.  Every location is exciting  but few measure up to Port Fairy in terms of accessibility, varied subject matter and fabulous moods.

There are two workshops in this location, one in March and another in April 2018. This repeat is because of overwhelming demand for a place in this workshop.

The next workshop planned for this location will be in November 2019. Contact me if you are interested to learn more.