watercolor demonstration video

“Forest Mood” Watercolor Demonstration by Ev Hales


A Youtube clip is like an appetiser and this is the main course.  There is no way you achieve a painting in 5 minutes, so  with the Youtube there is a lot that is not fully explained. These full length video clips have almost 60 minutes where you get a clearer picture of how the painting progresses.  More importantly you see the mistakes and how to correct them. You will see the refinements to ‘finish’ a painting – those little touches that can make all the difference.

“Forest Mood” is all about the mystique of the forest and the play of light that turns the ordinary into the magical.  Learn how to use Hot Pressed paper for both adding and lifting paint. Watch the water do the work while the artist just nudges pigment here and there. Dribbling is allowed here when painting with watercolor.  Hear the strategic thinking behind the choices made. Learn that you can be brave, not fearful, when you paint with this exciting watercolour medium.

Join me on this creative journey full of surprises.

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