Rose painting DVD demonstration

Painting Roses 1. with Ev Hales

Finally the first video demonstration in the “Painting Roses with Ev Hales” series is here.

A three hour  watercolour lesson lets you watch a rose painting emerge. The flowers are presented in amongst their natural foliage.  This watercolour demonstration / lesson is invaluable if you  want to know – 

– The essence of a rose  – how to suggest rather than spell out every petal.

– What colours make exciting greens and how to create intriguing foliage.

– How to use negative painting to achieve a positive object.

– How to create layers of space in a flower painting.

– How to control the watercolour medium so you can paint at your pace.

All of this and more as you watch every brush stroke as Ev Hales creates a wonderful full sheet painting of roses and their foliage

Part one:  Explores the planning done for such painting, preparing the way for ease of process once started.

Part two: Shows the actual painting begin. See how much is expected from the first layer of colour as it works really hard to set up the whole painting. Then watch as minimal painting presents the roses one by one.  Using the foliage to maximum effect means the painting on the flowers themselves is kept to a minimum.

Part three:  Adds details and refines the flowers  as well as unifies and balances the composition. Then evaluate the whole process and see where you can go from here.

This is a comprehensive real time demonstration that will fascinate you. Go back over parts again and again until you really see what has taken place.  Nothing is hidden, you see it all.

Available for purchase in two formats:

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You can purchase a download ready for ipad use.   CLICK here.

This can be downloaded 3 sections from the website.

This is the first of THREE Rose demonstrations that explore very different approaches for this fascinating subject, Roses.

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