Need help getting from A to B?

Need help getting from A to B?

Ev Hales – Individual Painting Critique Service

Finding an artistic mentor who challenges you and provides critical analysis of your work is a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. Finding a respected, talented artist willing to offer individual critiques is even more difficult.

After many requests to step into this arena, Ev Hales has decided to trial a one-on-one critique service to artists.

Ev Hales is a skilled artist with a keen eye who can evaluate a painting and find many ways to resolve issues successfully bringing a work to completion. You will enjoy and benefit from her suggestions. Those who have worked with Ev will know the value of her assessments, those who do not personally know her may choose to trial the individual program before signing up for a subscription.

This program is in a trail stage and will be reviewed at the end of three months  May 2016– subscriptions signed up for will be honoured for the term assigned but prices may increase after this trial period.

How the service works?

There are two avenues to access Ev’s advice:

  1. Submit one painting for evaluation – this is designed for when there is something you cannot resolve yourself for just one painting.

Cost of this singular service is $22 (inclusive of GST). Purchase here

  1. A subscription for 12 months or 10 reviews (whichever limit is accessed first.)

Cost $99 (inclusive of GST)    Purchase Subscription here:

The subscription includes monthly contact and generalist information as well as 10 personalized reviews. If you wish to use the service more frequently you can reapply for another subscription once the 10 reviews have been used. After a 12 month period the subscription will lapse even if not all of the 10 assessments have been used.

For either service you need to provide:

Individual painting submission Click left to obtain form  (This form is needed for each painting submission so download and save it into your files for future reference.)

  1. Image of the artwork – (file size about 1 MG for easy transference).
  2. Fill Submission form available by click from the link above that will include:

The Title of the artwork.

Your aim for this painting – what you were trying to achieve.

The size of the art work – the surface and medium used.

                            Specific concerns you have about the piece.

The service can be purchased

Replies will be within 72 hours (most times sooner).

What you will receive:

  1. My response to how your image communicates BEFORE I look at any of the information you have provided, i.e. – a completely objective view.
  2. I will then read your feedback and relook at the work, evaluating how I think you can resolve issues you have raised as well as issues I can see in the work. On occasions I may provide several resolutions and you can choose which best suits your aims.

As with any critique, remember YOU are the artist and the final resolution is in your hands to complete ANY painting you create. If the suggestions do not ‘feel right’ then your instinct should always have the final say.

As a part of the subscription you will receive suggestions to develop your own critical eye for resolving problems as they arise in your work.

On signing up for this service a record will be kept of images and comments for each review which at the end of the subscription will be forwarded to the artist. This will allow recurring issues to be highlighted for further attention.

$99 (inclusive of GST) for year = 10 critiques

****This service is not designed for beginners when there is need for considerable guidance with the medium chosen – rather it is for artists when they are starting to create their own images and are looking for help with developing their own visual voice.



“Ev Hales has been one of many instructors I have had for water colour painting. I reached a stage on my artistic journey that I needed a professional to critically evaluate my paintings on an ongoing basis. Ev is exceptional for such appraisal. Ev has a wonderful eye for critiquing water colours but does not impose her prejudices but allows her students to flourish in their own unique style. Her perceptive comments will allow an artist to be forever improving on their own terms – no matter at what point they are on their artistic journey.”                               Colin P.

I have been painting in all mediums for some years now, however recently I was struggling with an oil painting I was working on. I remembered Ev Hales’ offer for individual evaluation so decided I would get some professional assistance. After paying my fee (which was a simple process), filling out the form which came immediately, I was delighted to receive a response very quickly. The response was a most detailed evaluation of my painting and in her professional opinion, suggestions to rectify the problems. After addressing these issues and after another photograph back to Ev, my painting was finished. I know Ev works mainly in watercolour, but her knowledge of painting covers every medium, so it would not matter what your individual concern is, she has the knowledge to assist. I was so impressed that I have now used her service once more, and again she was spot on on the problems of the particular painting and again I am pleased with the result. I have no hesitation in recommending her service to any artist, you will not be disappointed.

Name: Pat M.