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“Forest Mood” Watercolor Demonstration by Ev Hales

Watching a 5 minute Youtube clip gives you a snap shot of a process. Being able to watch as a painting unfolds, seeing and hearing explanation of the different techniques and strategies needed to bring a painting to completion is a different story again.

Download this first Video where you can watch almost 60 minutes to gain a greater insight into the creative process. Learn how to turn disaster into abslolute magic and decide for yourself when a work is finished, as this is by no means a clear choice.

To access this video download 

At $9.99  – it is the cheapest class you will ever attend, and you can play it over and over to look again at that section that you are really interested in.


  1. admin
    April 26, 2015

    Deslee sent this comment
    I purchased your demo Forest Mood and was very pleased. This is a fantastic way of learning .
    Your teaching style is both informative and illuminating. I really appreciate that you talk us through your decisions both creative and technical and show us how you go about reworking something. Both fantastic ways to impart a lot if information.
    I am very excited by the hot pressed paper and that the paint can be lifted so easily.
    I have tried this on Strathmore vellum Bristol and now will try on Arche HP.
    The granulation also is very exciting.
    Thanks again for your very informative and very affordable teaching works.

  2. admin
    March 10, 2015

    K McK sent me this comment about the new video clip ….”I would recommend this as one to watch because the depth of learning about preparing the surface of the paper, using the colour and brush movement …The brush movement is shown so beautifully in this video and it doesn’t always come across as important in other videos I have seen. … I think it is good to see a disaster as it shows how not to panic and to see the possibilities for resolution….I think the clarity and colour of the image is excellent. I think the filming is great it is very clear and not annoying.”

    K. McK


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