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Painting tours with Ev Hales

Painting on location is a special experience at any time. Travelling with a small group of people, who love painting as much as you do, is the best way to discover new places, new cultures, ‘real’ people and then capture the impression on paper. This process will make priceless memories that will last a lifetime.

There are many art tours available but few have dedicated local people, or people who speak the language and have connections in the areas we travel. Pam and Paul, ( Portugal, Iberian tours and Japan Tours)  live in Portugal for 6 months of each year, Kadir is Turkish and was a fully trained tour guide in Turkey before moving to Australia. Kadir’s family still live in some of the towns we visit.  Janette and Silvio are Italian and her parent’s home was in the Emilia Romagna region where we meet many of her relatives and have the advantage of their connections as we travel in Italy.  Paesano tours ( Janette) also organise the Sicily trips. This means a truly authentic experience and often a step into the real homes and lives of the local people as we travel these new places.

Working as a team means you get the best experience possible. Ev works with the guides and reminds them of the needs of a group of artists.  We do not want to see every cathedral – we do want to soak up the ambience of the different places as we capture them in paint. The combination of these receptive guides and an innovative tutor ensures a rich travel experience for any participants.

Ev Hales painting with group on location in Italy

Ev Hales Painting in Italy

All painting tours for 2016 are fully booked.

Trips for 2017 tours are also filling fast

Norfolk Island  April 1 – 8  just one place  contact

Sicily   May 2017   Paesano tours ( fully booked)  there is a second trip planned for April/ May 2018

Turkey June 2017 (this is a tour that heads West rather than the eastern route we have done before) Contact Alison 

Italy 2017 (September) Three weeks –  mountains, Venice and Bay of Poets  PaesanoTours  Places still available.

Japan 2017  (October / November)   (Fully Booked )  there is a second trip planned for May 2018


The tours  for 2016 are as follows

These tours completed  – 2016 Italian painting trip to Venice and the Bay of Poets.    We had a fabulous time

  • Queenstown New Zealand  another great trip  but this was the last for this location.

2016: Iberian Interlude – Portugal, Spain and Morocco – September / October 2016

Iberian Adventure – I have introduced many people to Portugal in the past and I know this trip where we combine Spain as well will be full of similar magic.
Moroccan Magic – Our first painting venture into Morocco promises something special. This tour is almost pinned down and the response has been fantastic. The pricing will soon be available and because of the demand do not leave your confirmation until too late or you will miss out. The itinerary looks sensational and the only negative I can see is that it should be for 4 weeks not 2. We are doing a pre-trip tour in October to ensure the best possible experience for this trip.  There will be many pictures later  to see what is in store.

There is a trip in October  2018 to Morocco planned.

Pam has a new website  so check it out.


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