“Cliff Reflects” by Ev Hales


Targeted booklets in the ebook format that concisely address specific technical issues.

1. Watercolor the ‘can do’ Approach
This booklet cuts through the myths that surround painting in the watercolor medium. Why people say you cannot do this or that is clearly explained and with this knowledge you will understand what you can do and what pigments will help give you that control. A must read for anyone wanting to paint with watercolor.

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“This was easy to read and to understand the basic ingredients of watercolour. I loved the way the author put into simple language watercolour paintings have lots of life in the colour. The different qualities of brands of paint was a great help to me. Any beginner in watercolour should read this!”  Pat

“Love the way Ev Hales gave me a new perspective on painting watercolors. I often said “Watercolor is just not my thing!” but after reading this book, I have decided to give it another try and have fun experimenting.” M.L

“Not so much a how-to book but rather a series of guidelines that give you permission to experiment on your own. Short, to the point, and full of good information.” C P.

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