painting people

“Striding Out” by Ev Hales

Painting people can be really stressful for some artists. “Figures Add Focus”  shows how to avoid the pitfalls of  painting people.  You need to have the right size, scale, if the figure (often added at the end of the Image) is wrong it can spoil a beautiful painting. How can you avoid this problem and still use figures in your imagery?  This is a bumper volume that explores from the life drawing sessions, portraiture through to the most intricate images. The essential aspect is the control of your brushwork and the speed at which it can fly across the page.  There is over 200 images in this volume and I know you will enjoy looking at each one.

painting people

Volume 7 “Figures Add Focus” By Ev Hales


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“This book should be compulsory reading for the new artist. Thank you for all the thought and the work you have put into it”. C. J.

“Ev has succeeded in creating a wonderful time on painting the figure in watercolor. Her skill and calligraphic expressiness show how to in corporate the dreaded figure into paintings adding to the depth and meaning. I have all these volumes and I treasure the and use them as much as I can Must have addition to the series. My only complaint is that her pallet is becoming garish but the skill and knowledge render that dislike a moot point. Highly recommended”  Vine Voice  (Amazon review)

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