Ev Hales “Mansfield, Old Timber Mill.’

“Painting Buildings” goes to the essence of the challenge. Unlike painting boats is all about regularity and geometry. Unless of course the building is falling down and then it is all about texture. Perspective is the usual tool used when people start to work with buildings as a painting subject.  This can be a real problem because, for many, the issues are too technical and restrictive. Ev has a different approach to this problem and this should allow more freedom and more enjoyment in the creative process. It should also sharpen your awareness of shape that will benefit nay painting subject.  Another helpful and instructive volume on the painting journey.

painting builidngs

Ev Hales “Painting Buildings

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“At last a book that makes sense of that evil word ” perspective”. Everyone should read this if you are interested in painting buildings. It works for any medium.” Pat

‘This eBook is informative without getting sidetracked into the perspective issues. I like Evs’ approach to sharing ways of painting various buildings in the landscape. Would love to see more of her paintings of buildings all over the world.” Lyn

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