Low tide patterns

Ev Hales “Low Tide Launceston.”

“Painting Boats” explores some of the specific challenges that face an artist when they chose boats as their subject matter. Nothing is square, all is curved and the lines  have a sensuous fluidity. Boats are always moving and on location it is extremely difficult to draw accurately unless you understand the issues of finding and setting a viewpoint.  Such strategies and hints are offered to ensure success. Whether painting the whole boats or features of the boat there is a mass of inspirational material for an artists to use. AS with each volume there is a wealth of imagery and ideas for oyu to explore.

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“Ev Hales has succeeded beautifully with this latest addition to her e-book series on watercolor painting. Tackling the subject of painting boats takes skill and courage. Thankfully she has both and although very challenging the book is a winner. Her style is direct and supportive and totally lacking in an condescending phases that can sneak into other self help art books. There is a vast area of knowledge to cover in this title and all of it is at the worst interest and at the best inspiring. There is vital info on drawing boats as well as painting so that either a more experienced painter or a novice has something meaty on their plate. Give it a go and I think you will be pleased.”   V.V.

“As usual, Ev Hales has produced another out standing eBook, revealing her inspirational methods in painting watercolor boats … I could never achieve the orthodox method of drawing a figure 8 first to turn into a boat…thanks for the hints in achieving realistic, to scale, boats.” Lyn

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