“Morning Flush, Mt Buller” by Ev Hales

Landscape painting is the best way to discover the earth we live in. This “Landscapes” ebook, (Volume 2 in the “Painting With Ev Hales” series) if focussed around the earth and all that sits on it. Ev explores the painting processes that can be used to capture, rocks and foliage that cloth the land. The most important aspect of painting a landscape must surely be capturing a convincing sense of space on a flat 2D surface. How to achieve this effect simply is clearly explained in this ebook. There is a lot of practical information in this book and again in excess of 100 images to inspire you.

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” 5.0 out of 5 stars Inspirational Book  Not only educational in its content, the lovely paintings included with the informative text in this book, invite you to keep returning to them. This is a book which inspires the reader to grab a brush and try the various techniques described by the author. I look forward to more of her works.”  Margaret

“This is a comprehensive discussion of water color painting of the landscape. Emphasis is given to the use of transparent water colors and how to utilize them to produce glowing landscapes. It has many paintings throughout to support all the methods discussed. The author is clearly not only an accomplished painter but communicates extremely well in the written word. Painters of any level and experience would benefit by reading this book as there is so much information provided which is practical and derived from the authors own experiences in both painting and teaching over several decades. It was refreshing to read such a book rather than the standard art book which tends to repeat the classic theories and rules for water color painting.”  Colin


  1. Pat Reid
    September 14, 2016

    Hi Ev, I doubt whether you will remember me, but I did a workshop with you in Cairns about 9 years ago. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
    I have just purchased a video on Forest Mood. It seems to have disappeared from my iPad while I was trying to store it in Safari. I do not know how to retrieve this. Can you please advise? Thanks. Pat.

    • admin
      September 17, 2016

      Dear Pat have emailed response, not difficult to fix. Cannot believe 9 years ago ! EV


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