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“Seen Better Days” by Ev Hales

This is the first ebook in the series “Painting With Ev Hales”.  It explores a number of different ways to work on location with a variety subjects and media. Learn new  techniques and strategies to use when working en plein air.

Try different approaches with wash and pen to add interest with interaction of colour and line. Learn how to apply colour quickly and economically to capture the essence of the day. Explore different ways of ‘seeing’ a scene.

This ebook will surprise you with the strategies it offers and it will help you attempt things you thought were just too hard.

Over 100 full color images for you to enjoy.

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D.D.R  “I enjoyed all that Ev had to share about making the experience of plein air a joy in watercolor.  As a watercolor teacher myself I was very pleased in knowing that we share some of the same practices in her approach to the medium. This book caters to all levels and followed closely will benefit those looking to improve their craft.”

B McG:

“I have just read this book and found it so helpful as it covers so many questions I had in my mind. I have re read several chapters. This week I went to our city market and spent a few hours sketching using only a pencil and a small watercolour palette, a tiny plastic screw top jar with water a sketch book and a couple of brushes. It was so easy to carry. I was also inspired to walk to a nearby park and took a low stool from which I painted, my water on the ground at my feet. I managed quite well without an easel. There are so many wonderful ideas in this book just waiting for me to try.”

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