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Ev has a strong philosophical view that teaching is not so much about showing as it is about instilling in others the desire to learn. If you want to find out something you will actively seek it.

A teacher’s role is to awaken awareness and inspire others to believe they can achieve what they once thought impossible.

Teaching skills and developing the ability to see beyond the ‘known’ are all facets of this process.  Ev rarely offers an ABC solution because creativity is all about starting form nothing and building and image – seeing  opportunities and knowing how to harness the unexpected.

Much of her advice is based on strong basic design principles that underpin every style of art from the photo realist to the abstract.  If it ‘works’ it is ‘right’, if it does not work then look at rules and see if you can find a way to resolve the problem. But never paint to rules.

Face to face teaching happens in a variety of formats

– demonstrating to groups

– teaching classes indoors and outdoors

– conducting painting tours over seas.

Full day workshops or consecutive from 2 – 10 days, provide a concentrated learning process.

I do not teach weekly classes.

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  1. Mary Anderson
    March 2, 2015

    Hi Ev,
    Would you consider giving me a private lesson to get me started with plein-air painting please??
    I have your ebook but it is the HOW i approach using watercolour when outside.

    Is this something you would consider Ev? I hope next year to go on one of your painting trips. That would be very nice indeed!

    I have a very busy life this year but am going overseas for 8 weeks in August and want to start getting my head around this.

    Thanks Ev and kind regards
    Mary Anderson

    • admin
      March 3, 2015

      Dear Mary, I do not usually do private classes because they work out too expensive for the participant and the fee is as I would charge for a day session because it is the same time commitment for me as the tutor. Also privately you do not benefit from seeing how others respond to a challenge or project. The best way would be to get a group of friends together and share the costs and maximize the learning.
      The easiest way to learn about painting en plein air is to actually take a very few pieces of equipment outside, just in your backyard, and start. The ebook you have gives you information on different kinds of equipment to try using and this can be a great place to begin. The next biggest factor is what you will choose to paint. There quickly becomes an awareness of how fast the light changes, so when you begin just try for quick sketches to capture a moment rather than a fully finished painting that you would do in the studio.


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