Painting with Ev Hales

Series of ebooks

The 10 volume instructional ebooks in the “Painting With Ev Hales” series are all completed. These 10 volumes explore how to paint a variety of subjects found in the natural world. The ability to represent these subjects on a 2D surface will equip any artist with the techniques and knowledge to paint anything they desire. A variety of media are discussed with an emphasis on the watercolor medium. Published in an ebook format means color images can be examined more closely than in a print format. Select one or the whole series of painting instructional ebooks and add to your knowledge.

Volume 1: “Painting En Plein Air”
Volume 2: “Landscapes”
Volume 3: “Fabulous Flowers”
Volume 4: Painting Still Water
Volume 5: Painting Boats
Volume 6: Painting Buildings
Volume 7: Figures Add Focus

Volume 8: “Painting Moving Water”

Volumes  9: “Painting Urban Spaces”

Volume 10: “Painting Dramatic Skies”


  1. Loretto Madden
    April 20, 2017

    I would like to purchase the dvd on painting roses

  2. Bob holmes
    November 3, 2016

    Watched your breaking wave video on YouTube would love to have the e-books too


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