Demonstration video now ready for you to download

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Demonstration video now ready for you to download


watercolor demonstration video

“Forest Mood” Watercolor Demonstration by Ev Hales

Watch a watercolour painting from beginning to a finished product. The aim at the start can be different to what the final product becomes, but this is part of the creative process – begin at one point, travel doing segments and then looking and resolving what will be next, never pushing the piece to conform to the starting idea, rather travelling with the things that happen and changing direction if there is a better option.

My first full length video watercolour demonstration takes you through the ugly duckling stages of a painting and shows strategies to resolve what can seem a hopeless problem. I ma sure you will enjoy this look at my process in a more detailed format.

This video is download file that you can save to your computer. I am opting for this kind of technology because it is accessible to any world wide. If you wish an alternate format please contact me:


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