Work with Ev

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Work with Ev
watercolor demonstration

Painting “The Shoemaker’

Ev does not teach weekly classes and never seeks a teaching event, they always come by invitation. If you belong to an art society and would like to attend a workshop with Ev as your tutor then contact her and select available dates.

Sunday 22nd February 2015

Ev will be conducting a workshop at the Peninsula Art Society in Frankston, Victoria.  This workshop is a follow on from a demonstration Ev did for this group last year. You can see the results of that demonstration on Youtube.

The shoemaker

This clip is in two segments and reveals Ev’s understanding of design and freedom with the watercolour medium. You will also see her special trick of working from behind the easel, so everyone gets a really good view of the process. ( No, she does not always work this way, just for demonstrations.)  The workshop is, not about painting people, related to using the water as an active element in the process.

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