Teaching tips

Ev Hales is a professional artist working mainly in watercolour and printmaking.
She started her artistic journey by training as a Secondary Art and Craft teacher and worked for a short time in the school environment. Teaching has always been an enjoyable and important aspect of her artistic life and she has worked with adults assisting them as they negotiate their creative journey. Today she mentors and tutors aspiring artists in workshops and on painting tours.  This website provides the links to her teaching resources and activities where you can access her tuition.

A highly respected artist, especially in the watercolour medium, she has won numerous prizes and has maintained a strong exhibiting record over more than three decades.  Starting as a printmaker her skills embrace many 2D mediums.  A fine sensitivity to line at the beginning of her career has turned into a strong understanding of colour nuance as exhibited in her unique watercolour style.

Fantastic painters do not always make exceptional teachers but in Ev Hales’ situation you find a rare combination of technical ability, clear communication and the third, often overlooked aspect of a good teacher, the ability to listen and connect with what the student is trying to do. 

  • Indeed her aim as a teacher is not to produce clones of her style  but rather to equip her students with the skills to interpret their view of the world. 
  • There is also an awareness that people process things in different ways, therefore a variety of approaches is part of her learning environment.

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To find out more about her personal arts practice visit Ev Hales website