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Painting tours with Ev Hales 2018 Painting tours with Ev Hales 2018

There is a great line up of painting tours for 2018: Explore Sicily, Japan, France, Italy or Morocco with Ev Hales as your tutor. Sicily :  April 19th – 4th May  contact   Japan:  7th – 22nd May  Contact France  25th May   Contact Italy   10th – 24th September    Contact Morocco  4th – 22nd October   Contact These tours […]

“Painting Roses 1.” with Ev Hales “Painting Roses 1.” with Ev Hales

Finally the first video demonstration in the “Painting Roses with Ev Hales” series is here. A three hour  watercolour lesson lets you watch a rose painting emerge. The flowers are presented in amongst their natural foliage.  This watercolour demonstration / lesson is invaluable if you  want to know –  – The essence of a rose  – […]

Teaching Teaching

Painting in Italy   Ev has a strong philosophical view that teaching is not so much about showing as it is about instilling in others the desire to learn. If you want to find out something you will actively seek it. A teacher’s role is to awaken awareness and inspire others to believe they can achieve what […]

Life Drawing Life Drawing

    To be an effective teacher you need to be actively working for yourself; the most basic exercises are found during life drawing sessions. For Ev these are her home base, if you like. She enjoys immensely the challenges of painting quickly and instinctively. The drawing and painting sessions hone your eye and hand […]

Ev Hales Digital content Ev Hales Digital content

Ev has embraced digital technology to publish her knowledge via the ebook format and the Youtube forum. Videos can be downloaded directly from the web. The ten volume ebook series “Painting with Ev Hales” captures decades of knowledge in an easily accessible format. You tube video clips allow people who will never meet,  watch how an effect is achieved. […]

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Painting tours for 2017 and 2018

Painting tours for 2017 and 2018

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Tours with places for 2017:Just two final trips in 2017 Italy in September.  This 3 week Italian tour promises to have a bit of everything – the mountains, Venice and the Bay of Poets on the western coast.  September 10th – October 2nd 2017.  Contact Paesano tours for information about this tour. Japan October /November […]

Check new article in Australian Artist Magazine September 2016

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There is an article in the Australian Artist magazine in September 2016 ( Pages 52 – 55)featuring some of the highlights from my painting trip to Italy in May working with a group of painters. I am planning another Italian adventure in  2017 in September if you would like to join me.  Contact for details. This 3 week […]

Calendar for 2016

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EV Hales Workshops 2016   If you click the link above you can see at a glance all the workshops, demonstrations and painting tours for both 2016 and 2017. I would love to meet you at one or the other.

Ev Hales at work

Ev Hales Demonstrating to a group

You have glimpsed some of the aspects of Ev Hales’ life as an art instructor. As well as this I am a painter (majoring in watercolor), printmaker and author. There are many parts to life as a professional artist.  Creating art works is the essential artistic activity – making great art gives credibility to the skills necessary to teach.  Ev shares knowledge gained over decades by teaching and mentoring others who want to learn more about the painting process.

This site is dedicated to the instructional materials developed as part of my art’s practice.

What will you find? 

Information and access to published ebooks.

Youtube as well as full length demonstration videos.

Painting tours (both in northern and southern hemispheres – Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Asia).

My studio – how, when  and where you can meet Ev in her studio space.

Purchase of paintings and more comprehensive galleries, exhibitions and work sources are found on Ev Hales’ artist’s webpage.

Why do I teach?

The more you offer when teaching – the more you get back. Believing that knowledge does not belong to any one individual is behind the desire to share.  Once shared the knowledge is amplified. Teaching provides a balance to the solitary life of an artist.

What you are saying

Feedback from trips, ebooks and video demonstrations

I purchased your demo Forest Mood and was very pleased. This is a fantastic way of learning .

Your teaching style is both informative and illuminating. I really appreciate that you talk us through your decisions both creative and technical and show us how you go about reworking something. Both fantastic ways  to impart a lot if information.

I am very excited by the hot pressed paper and that the paint can be lifted so easily.

I have tried this on Strathmore vellum Bristol and now will try on Arche HP.

The grannulation also is very exciting.

Thanks again for your very informative and very affordable teaching works.

 D. H.


- Comment on the video Demonstration “Forest Mood’
Painting the Douro Valley

“Had the best time exploring Portugal. Ev’s tuition was excellent, nothing was too much trouble.”

- Painting the Douro Valley
Whatever the day is doing, we are painting.

“Whatever the weather, there is no excuse for not finding somewhere or somehow to get that elusive image, rain, hail, but fortunately most of the time, shine. I cannot wait for the next adventure. Turkey next time”

- Whatever the day is doing, we are painting.